Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flirting With The Forbidden-Joss Wood

Flirting With The Forbidden Joss Wood Harlequin Kiss, Mar 18 2014, $5.99 ISBN: 9780373178964 CFT Corporation bodyguard Noah Fraser struggles with his desiring the nineteen years old Principal, diamonds heiress Morgan Moreau who he protects from a low-level kidnapping threat. Her flirting tempts him as she tries to break his fa├žade of indifference. While he can control with his lower head’s lust; his upper head struggles with an unending focus on her luscious body until she offers her virginity as she wants him and only him; though hot and bothered he angrily walks away from Morgan totally misunderstanding her attraction to him and only him. Eight years later, Morgan needs protection again. Although he knows he plays with fire as his fantasy remains a naked Morgan, Noah insists he guard the “Duchess”; as he must risk “blue balls” to keep her safe. Encouraged by her friend Riley to go after Mr. Panties’ Melt and not let him sink her already low self-esteem as he did the last time, Morgan vows to pursue her seemingly emotionless “Soldier.” This is a fun second chance romance due to two wonderful leads with each having problems that make their relationship shaky; as she feels she is an inadequate dumb blonde due to dyslexia and he believes running amuck feelings cause mental errors so they need to be controlled. Enhanced by strong secondary characters especially their families and Ri, readers will enjoy the heat emitted by the Duchess and the Soldier. Harriet Klausner

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