Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Breakaway-Nancy Warren

Breakaway Nancy Warren Harlequin Blaze, Mar 18 2014, $5.50 ISBN: 9780373797974 In Oregon, billionaire Max Varo tells his two best friends, Adam Shawnigan (see Final Score) and Dylan Cross, that he may buy Polar Air, a small firm based in Spruce Bay, Alaska as he sees great potential. After the kayaking trip ends, Max returns to his Varo Enterprises office in Hunter, Washington to discuss the Polar Air deal with employee Leslie Adamson who says it should be no problem buying the firm but would like to know why a successful regional airline has tanked over the last five years. Bored Max decides to learn the truth by obtaining a position as a pilot; since flying has always been his favorite past-time. Max arrives for an interview only to watch Claire Lundstrom fire Frank Carmody for embezzling funds. Claire takes over the hiring process from Frank even as her grandmother, who co-founded the company, adores Max. While Frank reacts with vandalism, Max works for Claire. As the couple play hockey together, their attraction ignites. However, soon afterward a plane crash leaves the couple stranded in the wilderness with only each other to rely on. The second Last Bachelor Standing romance is an entertaining Alaskan contemporary as Claire rids Max of his ennui. Readers will relish the setting and root for the first line pair to score a couple of hat tricks by lovingly assisting one another. The one on one ice hockey challenge ending is a great unique finish to a wonderful tale. Harriet Klausner

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