Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Eleventh Commandment-Lutishia Lovely

The Eleventh Commandment

Lutishia Lovely

Kensington Dafina, Feb 26 2013, $15.00

ISBN: 9780758286628

Dr. Gabriel Livingston loves classical music while his wife Frieda Moore-Livingston appreciates rap. Both know she has come a long way from her street life. However, Frieda may have stepped too far when his namesake looks more like one of her flings than her spouse.

Residing on beach front property with their two kids in La Jolla, Cyclone and Hope Taylor seem the perfect couple as their marriage is built on love and trust. However, his college girlfriend arrives with a request that challenges their faith in one another.

Singer Darius and his manager Bo Crenshaw combine a successful professional life with their nice personal life that includes his son he had with former groupie Stacy Grayson. All seems perfect until Paz enters theirs lives.

Stacy wed NFL player Tony Johnson in what has been a wonderful life. However a severe knee injury leaves his football career in jeopardy and perhaps their marriage as this surly man is no longer the kind caring person she married three years ago.

The latest Hallelujah Love relationship drama stars four couples dealing with tsuris (in several cases self-destruction) threatening their idyllic relationships. Character driven with rotating leads, the key is that the ensemble cast seems real as each must learn to deal not just with the good, but the bad and the ugly while turning to the Lord for spiritual guidance.

Harriet Klausner

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