Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Forbidden Sister-V.C. Andrews

Forbidden Sister

V.C. Andrews

Gallery, Feb 26 2013, $16.50

ISBN: 9781439155059

In New York City, when compliant Emmie Wilcox was six years old, her martinet Papa threw out her rebellious older sister fifteen year old Roxy for breaking his rigid rules. Over the next few years, Papa cleansed any evidence that he had an older daughter and raged whenever her French Mama mentioned the forbidden name of Roxy. Emmie even concluded she goes to a strict private school as a reaction to Roxy’s rebellion.

With her parents’ unaware and accompanied by her best friend Chastity Morgan, Emmie begins to follow the mystical Roxy who the BFFs see escorting various men. When Papa and Mama die, Roxy becomes Emmie’s guardian. As both struggle with their loss and coming together for the first time in a decade, Roxy’s escort service causes issues for the student; and M’s arrival at the escort’s business leads to danger. However both venues begin bringing two sisters coming together trying to do what is right for each other.

Forbidden Sister is a deep family drama in which both siblings are fully developed and through their respective filters so are their parents. Character driven, readers will enjoy this discerning relationship tale filled with plausible surprises.

Harriet Klausner

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