Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seduction-Brenda Joyce


Brenda Joyce

Harlequin HQN, Jan 31 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780373776559

In 1793 near Brest, France, someone tries to assassinate Dominic Paget. Lucas Greystone concludes the assassin knew Dominic was a spy. His brother Captain Jack Greystone, knowing the spy will be dead before reaching London, takes the severely wounded Earl across the Channel to his family estate in Penzance, Cornwall.

At her family estate, Julianne Greystone helps Dominic heal from his near fatal wounds. She believes the French Revolution is a great thing for the masses. Julianne also thinks her patient is the heroic freedom fighter Charles Maurice. Dominic seduces his hostess though he knows he should not treat her as he does. As they fall in love, Juliana learns of his duplicity and tells him to leave. However, she is arrested for treason and brought to the Tower to await punishment. Only Dominic, risking his life, can save her.

This is a superb look at the divided opinions on the French Revolution as pragmatic Dominic feels the nightmare is dangerous for all classes while romantic Julianne relishes Lady Liberty. The romance is a sort of star-crossed affair as their political views divide them. Readers will enjoy this terrific late Georgian historical as love may not be enough to overcome monumental events sweeping both sides of the Channel.

Harriet Klausner

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