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An Accidental Bride-Denise Hunter

An Accidental Bride

Denise Hunter

Thomas Nelson, Jan 3 2012, $15.99

ISBN: 9781595548023

In Moose Creek, Montana, Shay Brandenberger knows men leave. Fourteen years ago her fiancé Travis McCoy jilted her on the courthouse steps while she was wearing her wedding gown just before they were to exchange their vows; he married the rodeo instead of her. She did marry, but her late spouse left her before he died. Now Shay struggles as a single mom to twelve years old Olivia while hoping they do not lose their family ranch.

Travis has returned home praying for a second chance to make up for his teenage blunder when he left his beloved. Miss Lucy asks Travis to play the art of Joseph Adams at the Founder Day Ceremony. He agrees when he learns he will be part of a reenactment wedding with Shay as his bride Prudence. However, Miss Lucy feeling true love needs intervention so she arranges the marriage to be real. Travis is euphoric while Shay leaves him on the top of her most loathed list. He promises to prove he means to stay by working the ranch platonically until she agrees to allow him to share the conjugal bed. However, both know they must factor in her daughter that he will soon learn is his.

Although hiding the truth about Olivia’s fatherhood from the biological dad is an old theme, Denise Hunter keeps her second chance at love plot fresh with inspired Miss Lucy pulling off the marriage ruse. Travis desperately wants a do-over while Shay believes men even caring ones like her former husband leave. Her daughter echoes that sentiment having had two dads leave. Fans will appreciate this warm Big Sky Romance as Miss Lucy once again matches tow people in love (see A Cowboy’s Touch).

Harriet Klausner

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