Thursday, December 22, 2011

Almost Everything-Tate Hallaway

Almost Everything

Tate Hallaway

NAL, Feb 7 20122, $9.99

ISBN: 9780451235664

In humid hot St. Paul, hybrid witch-vampire Anastasija Parker’s sort of boyfriend purebred vamp Elias Constantine lives in the basement of the home of her mom, queen of the witches. Though Ana’s dad is the king of the St. Paul vampires, she knows vamps and witches are natural enemies. Yet her mom and Elias enjoy discussing 1970s nostalgia while treating Ana like a terrible two year old for calling that era ancient history.

Meanwhile her ex Nikolai Korov the Russian-Romany rock star wants a second round with Ana, but, he is the junior vampire slayer, which makes for a dysfunctional relationship when your GF is the vampire princess. She also is hounded by high school hockey star turned actor mundane Matthew Thompson. However, relationship dynamics fade when the Prince of the Southern Region vampires Luis David Montezuma arrives; demanding a replacement mate since Anna freed Khan from a marriage alliance between the two regions or war will occur. Ana mentions she has no one to offer except Elias; Montezuma accepts, but Ana explains her dad banished them. War between the regions seems likely unless Ana can find a way to prevent the hostilities.

The boys of summer in the city heat up St. Paul as the teen protagonist finds she misses her simpler geek days rather than deal poorly with witch and vampire politics along with men wanting her. The final Vampire Princess urban young teen fantasy (see Almost Final Curtain and Almost To Die For) is an engaging fast-paced thriller as the dhampir heroine learns life is convoluted when you are the potential heir to the region’s witch and vampire thrones while seemingly every male besides Dr. Who wants her.

Harriet Klausner

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