Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two Redheads & a Dead Blonde-Lloyd L. Corricelli

Two Redheads & a Dead Blonde
Lloyd L. Corricelli
Sons of Liberty Publishing, Jul 2009, $15.99
ISBN: 9780982403518

Thirty-six years old Ronan Marino prevents three dumb arsonists from burning down a synagogue in Lowell, Massachusetts. While doing his good deed, he reflects on what made him become a private sleuth. He had been in the military for fourteen years when he won the biggest payout ever in the California lottery. He quit the military and stayed in California, but never fit in the dishonest lifestyle so he came home.

He met Karen Pommer who worked at a bar where he sang with a band. They became lovers. One night he took her home after he beat up some guy who played football without a helmet for harassing her. They made love in the car. The next day Lowell Police Detectives Markey and Garcia take him in for questioning. Karen was found floating down the Merrimack; her car contained a needle making it look like drugs were involved. Encouraged by his police chief brother Mark and his mentor police lieutenant Gary Shea, Ronan investigates what he believed was murder but the cops think was a horrible accident caused by drugs.

Two Redheads & a Dead Blonde is a terrific private investigative noir with Spiderman overtones though Ronan is about two decades older and his only bite was his beloved’s death. His humorous discussions with Mark, other cops, arsons, mobsters and barmaids make for a fun time as the hero investigates his girlfriend’s murder his style. If only he had a Bat-cave to hang out in early retirement; a cape and tights might be too much. Fans of kick butt private investigators will want to read this exciting Massachusetts whodunit sprinkled with the history of America’s first industrial town Lowell.

Harriet Klausner

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