Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ladies Prefer Rogues-Janet Chapman, Sandra Hill, Veronica Wolff, & Trish Jensen

Ladies Prefer Rogues
Janet Chapman, Sandra Hill, Veronica Wolff, & Trish Jensen
Berkley, Feb 2010, $7.99
ISBN: 9780425233818

“Man from the Moon” by Janet Chapman. In Maine four men abduct Isobel the veterinarian because their leader Daniel has a tree limb rooted into his body. She is to care for him although she is not a human doctor. They conceal they search for an extinct animal to save mankind in their time, 2243.

“Tomorrow is Another Day” by Sandra Hill. Navy Seals Cage LeBlanc and Sly Simms register their buddy Larry Wilson on the Extreme Dating web site. He is unaware why women keep showing up to date him until his buddies explain what they did to him. He travels to New Orleans to meet owner Margo Baptiste. When an elevator crashes with her inside, she ends up in 1870 where she meets siblings Lette and Laurent Duvall. Margo quickly becomes a matchmaker though she is attracted to Laurent who looks like Larry.

“The Drowning Sea” by Veronica Wolff. In 1662, Iain sees his beloved love, Cassie die from a stab wound as her father prepares to hang him. He escapes becoming a cabin boy for a privateer. Two decades later he is notorious pirate Black John MacNab still waiting to avenge his loss.

“Sixteen Decades” by Trish Jensen. In Little Fork, Nevada, Sheriff Ty Coltraine is with Rooster Ranch madam Fannie Mae investigating a missing person’s case. He hears a plea for help and finds Margaret "Maggie" Prescott who insists she was a teacher in 1850 who inherited a ranch from her father only to learn it was a brothel; someone knocked her out and locked her in a shed. She thinks his ancestor is the guilty party.

This is a strong time travel romance anthology starring wonderful lead characters, especially the displaced stars. The Chapman and Jensen contributions are super great while and the Hill and Wolff entries are well written very enjoyable fun.

Harriet Klausner

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