Monday, December 29, 2008

Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court-Chuck Black

Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court
Chuck Black
Multnomah, Feb 17 2009, $$8.99
ISBN: 9781601421258

In Chessington, his father the Noble Knight and merchant Sir Barrington watches along with his peers as squire Bentley takes the sacred vows to adhere to Lord Kifus’ Articles of Code and of being a Noble Knight of Arrethtrae from his mentor Sir York. Soon afterward, while on constant missions to kill the Followers of the recently murdered Prince, Sir Bentley has doubts that his side is in the right though Sir York proclaims they are doing the King’s work. The lad notices how the Followers only defend themselves, but never attack first.

His unit gets into a deadly battle with ferocious fighters in which two Followers join their side. Afterward Sir York demands Sir Bentley kill the two men. Stunned he refuses, enabling them to escape while Sir York condemns him. The Followers Esmond and Trae explain to Bentley that they just fought the Vinceno Knights trained by the fallen angels Shadow Warriors. Bentley says goodbye to his parents; his father tells him he is proud of him as honor is important and is not proud of what he saw happen to the Prince. Bentley needs to learn who is right about the Prince as the Knights insist he was a charlatan while his Followers believe he was the King’s son sent to help the people. Bentley meets Eirwyn who under the tutelage of the mysterious Gardener distributes food to the poor of Holbrook where affluent Lord Kingsley and his court flaunt their wealth. However, Bentley and Eirwyn soon find themselves battling evil as the Shadow Warriors attack the castle and the village.

The sequel to SIR KENDRICK AND THE CASTLE OF BEL LIONE is a terrific exciting Christian parable that grips the audience from the moment Bentley begins to doubt his mentor as he sees dishonorable actions on his side and honorable behavior by their foes. His quest is exhilarating as he needs to know the truth about the Prince, the Shadow Warriors, and why the Noble Knights of Arrethtrae killed him.

Harriet Klausner

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