Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Girl She Used To Be-David Cristofano

The Girl She Used To Be
David Cristofano
Grand Central, Mar 19 2009, $22.99
ISBN: 0446582220

In Columbia Pike, Maryland, bored and alone except for the one man in her life, math teacher Sandra Clarke decides it is time for a change. She calls up her man; Witness Protection Program US Marshal Randall Ferquer to inform him she received a call from the Brooklyn based Bovaro family. The sixty year old Fed retrieves her so she can receive her newest identity as he has done several times over the past two decades.

When she was six, her parents took her to a restaurant where they witnessed the Bovaro mob patriarch kill a man. The FBI was given a tip about their witnessing the homicide and placed them in he WPP. However Melody’s actions as a teen led to the murders of her parents. Randall has been with her all the way, but he informs her he is retiring and the new man in her life is Sean Douglas.

However, this time when they reach a motel in Cape Charles, the last stop before the Chesapeake Bay complex, another man enters her life. Jonathan Bovaro, son of the killer, sneaks into her room and persuades Melody Grace McCartney, her birth name that he calls her by, to flee with him. Although she knows he probably will kill her, she takes a chance on his offer of freedom even as Sean gives chase.

THE GIRL SHE USED TO BE is a strange but intriguing contemporary tale that puts a fascinating spin to the Witness Protection Program. Melody finds it tedious with the same stereotypical identities, cities, motels and lack of fun. The Feds feels they are doing her a favor by keeping her safe and alive, but she feels otherwise; that the FBI and WITTEC lied about their “new” lives as Melody feels they killed her with their rules. Thus when Jonathan enters her life, he brings freshness to her stale existence. Fans will enjoy this fascinating character study that places a totally unique limelight on the WPP.

Harriet Klausner

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