Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Call of Chaos-Carol Hightshoe

Call of Chaos
Carol Hightshoe
Double Dragon, Jul 2008
ISBN: 1554045983

Kyrianna Dalynne was climbing a wall when she is caught by her brother a guard. He wanted to let her go free, but others arrive. Her father keeps her out of prison, but also throws her out of his home.

While traveling in a forest a fog engulfs her and a voice demands she find the Artifact of Order and Chaos. Not one to follow orders, Kyrianna ends up with other women at the temple of Thynitic, The Lady of Chaos knowing she is captive as those who guard the portals tell the females they will be freed once they locate the ancient artifact. Kyrianna wonders why she, as a nonentity daughter of a nothing Kilenter noble, is being used to search for the relic. Once they succeed on their mission with retrieving the artifact, they are all set free.

Though no longer stuck in a portal at the temple, Kyrianna knows her hosts did not return her to her home. She has no idea where she is when her fellow prisoners arrive as well soon after. In nearby Raspa, one of her formerly imprisoned peers is accused of murder leaving it up to Kyrianna and her sisters in arms to prove otherwise. Native Tristan Duvall, who has family issues involving demons that have kept him from his peerage, knows he must confront his dead blood kin, but offers to assist the outsiders in exchange for their ad with his paranormal relatives.

This is an entreating fantasy thriller starring a fascinating lead protagonist who would find heaven to be hell. The story line is action-packed, but feels choppy as Kyrianna leaps from one escapade to another in too rapid of a sequence. Still fans will enjoy following her adventures across worlds as she is an engaging rebel without a cause.

Harriet Klausner

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