Monday, October 6, 2008

Greasing The Pinata-Tim Maleeny

Greasing The Pinata
Tim Maleeny
Poisoned Pen, Dec 2008,$24.95
ISBN: 9781590585672

On a father and son trip to Mexico, retired California state senator Jim Dobbins and drug-addict Danny disappear without a trace. Jim’s other adult child, his estranged daughter Rebecca, hires San Francisco private investigator Cape Weathers to bring them home.

Although he does not want the case as he is realistically uncomfortable because he does not know Mexico, Weathers heads south. In Mexico he learns quickly that the mutilated bodies of both were found in an alligator pond of a Puerto Vallarte golf course. With his associate Triad trained assassin Sally Mei helping him, Weathers starts to connect the dots between California and Mexico politicians, rival drug cartels, and a financial system that Wall St. and DC would envy; getting out alive is a different story.

The third Cape Weathers private investigative mystery (see STEALING THE DRAGON and BEATING THE BABUSHKA) is a fast-paced tale starring a terrific lead detective supported by a kick butt Asian partner battling against realistic killers. The political-drug dealing complex is brilliantly designed with violence being their cherry pie. However, the tale belongs to the two sleuths whose amusing war of words equalizes the inordinate death count.
Harriet Klausner

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