Monday, October 6, 2008

Angel Unaware-Elizabeth Sinclair

Angel Unaware
Elizabeth Sinclair
Medallion, Dec 2008, $7.95
ISBN 9781933836317

Dora de Angelo struggles to fit in amidst the angels. She knows she came here differently than most everyone else as her soul went straight to heaven rather than a stop as a mortal. Perhaps that explains her lack of angelic skills.

After some more bungling, her boss grants her wish to become a mortal with the stipulation she returns to heaven once Christmas occurs, three weeks form now. Dora poses as a nanny to six-year-old orphan Penny while showing the child how to be a kid again, and to help Penny's cynical guardian Uncle Tony to learn the meaning of love, which he has forgotten.

This amusing lighthearted angelic romance is fun to read as the nanny from the Celestial Maintenance Department learns human housekeeping chores while helping young Penny regain her smile and Uncle Tony find his heart. The breezy story line is ideal for the Christmas holidays with its uplifting message and with a great final twist reminiscent of the classic Gift of the Magi spin. Fans will enjoy Elizabeth Sinclair’s fine version of Tavares’ “Heaven Must be Missing an Angel”.

Harriet Klausner

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