Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keepers of the Dead-Bob Freeman

Keepers of the Dead
Bob Freeman
Black Death Books, Oct 2008
ISBN: 9780979988141

The Circle of Nine Skulls, founded by Garrick Ward, and made up of Immortals, battle the Dark waiting for the final the end of times battle. Garrick believes his warriors and allies are ready, but the insidious Dark is working on defeating those groups before they can come to his aid.

Cairnwood Manor, the home of the Ash Lawn werewolf pack, is allies of the light. Michael has recently taken over as the leader, but everyone is surprised when another werewolf pack attacks them; he is the first casualty falling into a coma. The enemy has come to find the magical artifacts to bring to their master; they will succeed for sure if Michael fails to awaken. Even if he does, his side remains precariously near defeat as he will have to venture to the realm of his long time enemy Malcolm MacGregor the vampire who holds his beloved hostage.

Meanwhile the evil forces gather at Avebury where they use eldritch powers to call up the Old Gods and to raise an army of zombies. Two malevolent vampire hordes vie for supremacy as everyone from the Dark side to Garrick and his allies’ heads for a showdown perhaps the final one at Rosslyn Chapel.

Bob Freeman has written an electrifying horror thriller that in some ways is a throwback to the classic Castle horror moves albeit faster paced (some might say frenzied) and bloodier as vampires are villains and werewolves are heroes. Reminiscent also of Stephen King’s early works, readers will enjoy the supernatural war. Although the cast of seemingly zillions can become a bit overwhelming, several control the story line bringing focus to the hyper-speeding novel. Michael is the key; as he comes into his own as a leader and warrior but must return to the living if he is to be there for the last battle; without him all is lost while with him all still probably is lost. Vividly described, KEEPERS OF THE DEAD would make an exciting horror movie.

Harriet Klausner

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