Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Neurotic November-Barbara Levenson

Neurotic November
Barbara Levenson
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Sept 9 2014, $11.99
ISBN: 9781500519452

After spending a vacation in Vermont with her lover Carlos Martin, lawyer Mary Magruder Katz returns to Miami where she notices her always reliable paralegal assistant Catherine Aynsworth acting distracted.  Meanwhile Mary worries about her hospitalized father Abe recovering from a heart attack and her mother Hope wanting them to move back to Miami from Boynton Beach; Thanksgiving with her parents and brothers should be quite a family affair.

Lorena Lincoln wants to hire Mary to represent her son, University of Miami quarterback Jay Lincoln, accused by high school student Jennifer de Leon of statutory rape.  The college assigned Mary’s former boss Franklin Fieldstone to represent him; he insists Jay accept a plea bargain as circumstances do not matter when it comes to an underage girl made worse by the race card.

Carlos’ father J.C. faces SEC and Justice Department probes into money laundering at the Seaside Bank where he is Vice President.  Mary advices J.C. on how a Grand Jury works as lawyers are not allowed inside the proceedings.

Catherine former husband Brady demands back in her life and their two frightened young children.  While he batters Catherine, Carlos arrives with a gun and soon afterward the cops.  Mary files a restraining order, but someone kills Brady; the prime suspect is Carlos

The fourth Mary Magruder Katz legal thriller (see Fatal February, Justice In June and Outrageous October) contains three entertaining diverse cases enhanced by the heroine’s personal issues.  The lead lawyer provides captivating advice to clients interwoven into the storyline; i.e., Grand Jury hearings and ethics rules re replacing an attorney, etc.  Subgenre fans will appreciate the latest Mary Magruder manic caseload.

Harriet Klausner

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