Sunday, October 12, 2014

Finding Mercy-Michael Landon, Jr. and Cindy Kelley

Finding Mercy
Michael Landon, Jr. and Cindy Kelley
David C. Cook, Oct 1 2014, $14.99
ISBN:  9780781408707

In 1866, needing to know who she is, amnesiac Mercy leaves the safety of Captain Elijah Hale in search of her past; as even her name, given to her by Mother Helena at the Little Sisters of Hope in St. Louis because of the medallion she wears (see Traces Of Mercy), is not truly hers.  Bounty hunters pursue Mercy to bring justice for her alleged treasonous activity though a judge exonerated her.  While Mercy hides inside her boardinghouse’s chimney, one of the four pursuers falls off a roof.  His dad Gus has a stronger motive to hang Mercy as he stares at his dead son.  She escapes by going down a fireplace to pick up her journal and face the wrath of her landlady Mrs. Kline who read the entries.

Captain Hale also seeks Mercy to bring her home.  However, as she eludes her raging adversaries, Mercy also dodges her protector.  Meanwhile she follows clues that take her into the middle of Klan country as she has a new mission to right a wrong she did before she became a confederate soldier.

The second Mercy Medallion Post Civil War drama is a profound Americana that provides readers with the immediate aftermath on people from the recent hostilities; for instance Mrs. Kline in a few paragraphs remains acrimonious towards the Confederacy for what it caused to her marriage.  The cast enhances the plot while amnesiac yet three-dimensional Mercy having more layers added to what we previously knew of her from the first book.  Michael Landon, Jr. and Cindy Kelley collaborate on a powerful historical.

Harriet Klausner

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