Monday, July 14, 2014

The Resurrectionist-Sierra Woods

The Resurrectionist
Sierra Woods
Harlequin Nocturne, Jul 1 2014, $5.75
ISBN: 9780373886005

In Albuquerque, Dani Wright the resurrectionist understands her job is to right wrong though sometimes morality can confuse which is which.  Three years ago her husband Blake’s lover attacked her and cut out her unborn from her womb; she and her baby died, but the Other-siders sent her back to perform the miracles of a resurrectionist.  Though attracted to her APD protector Detective Sam Lopez, she distrusts males ever since Blake’s betrayal left her and their child dead; so she refuses to act on her desire.

After working the Ramirez missing child case, her otherworld contact Burton the street skateboarder a-hole informs her that the Others worry that the Dark malevolence is arising after centuries of dormancy.  Meanwhile Sam always has her back and even supplements her power on a difficult switch.  He admits to Dani he likes her a lot and that his grandmother was an underground illegal resurrectionist.  As the couple gets closer and falls in love, the Dark comes for Dani.

This is an entertaining urban fantasy noir.  Filled with graveyard humor and a slowly developing romance (which seems right for this fun thriller), readers will believe in Sierra Woods portrayal of The Resurrectionist bringing the enlightenment to New Mexico.

Harriet Klausner

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