Monday, July 7, 2014

The Doppler Affect-Dr. Shawn Phillips

The Doppler Affect
Dr. Shawn Phillips
YBCoyote Press, May 19 2014, $13.99
ISBN: 9780982644607

In North Africa 50,000 years ago, Homo sapiens tribal chief Mulac leads the successful hunting party home only to find those waiting for them all dead.  Raging, they track the vicious killers who murdered their loved ones.  When they catch up, they retaliate massacring all except one female.  Mulac rapes her until she changes into him before killing him and the other men from his tribe.  This Homo erectus female has evolved into shapeshifting Homo adaptus as she gives birth to dozens of babies who within a month have grown to adulthood.  Over the millennium as Homo adaptus changed into different races, they remained concealed from their natural enemy humanity.  DNA testing changed the balance of power forcing the hidden species to deploy a plan to gain power rather than extinction.

In 1990, former banker turned convict Chris Sands learned the horrific truth too late for him to save his soul from the doppelgangers, who brilliantly framed him as he fights to the death in prison.  The Prima Maestra believes her minion found the information the dead Sands compiled about the dopplers, but he left behind a children’s book for his son Michael to hopefully one day in the future understand and save mankind from its diabolical enemy.

The Doppler Affect is a fantastic paranormal thriller that never slows down as the Sands family (and readers) meet different supernatural species.  Although appreciative fans will need to adapt (no pun intended) to the changing timeline; once we do this fast-paced, and filled clever plots and counterplots grips readers throughout.  Dr. Shawn Phillips cleverly deploys the Doppler Effect principle on human sensory reaction to the effect of dopplers residing like wolves in sheep clothing.

Harriet Klausner

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