Monday, April 28, 2014

When We Met-Susan Mallery

When We Met Susan Mallery Harlequin HQN, Apr 29 2014, $7.99 ISBN: 9780373778652 In Fool’s Gold, California, though he lost his wife Marie and their son Marcus several years ago, Widower Angel Whittaker still grieves for them even while attracted to newcomer public relations specialist Taryn Crawford. Knowing he needs to become part of the community, the CDS bodyguard school trainer offers his services to Mayor Marsha. She assigns him as Grove Keeper of the Acorns. Believing he can handle any mission after years in combat and expecting to meet teenage or tweener boys, the former Special Ops officer panics when his unit turns out to be eight seven-year-old girls. Angel offers Taryn a deal that would benefit both of them. She helps him with his girls and he cooperates with her company Score’s campaign to persuade CDS to hire her and her three ex jocks partners as their PR firm. As she struggles with adjusting to the relocation from Los Angeles to this welcoming town, Taryn and her veteran agree to be partners with benefits. However neither expected a deep need to turn those benefits into a lifetime shared entitlement. The latest Fool’s Gold contemporary (see A Fool’s Gold Christmas and the “Only” trilogy, Etc.) is an engaging amusing romance with each bringing special “bodyguards” to the mix; though his little girls easily tackle her former NFL players. Series fans will enjoy the latest stay in this magical town while also anticipating the sacking of the jocks to follow. Harriet Klausner

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