Friday, April 25, 2014

Rise & Shine-Sandra D. Bricker

Rise & Shine Sandra D. Bricker River North, May 1 2014, $14.99 ISBN: 9780802406309 In 2005 Shannon Malone and Edmund Ridgeway married. Their bliss ends on their honeymoon in Fiji when Shannon is injured on a dive that left her comatose. At the Draper Long Term Care Facility, Neurologist Dr. Daniel Petros welcomes Shannon back when she awakens from her nearly ten-year coma to learn she missed most of her twenties and that her Edmund died from cancer. Turning to her faith for guidance, Shannon struggles between her true memories and her favorite TV shows she “watched” while comatose. Daniel, her three aunts and her friends help her adapt to a world that has radically changed while she was sleeping as cell phones rule the planet and books are read on e-readers like Kindle. Meanwhile Edmund's sister Millicent demands her former sister-in-law relinquish any right Shannon thinks she may have to the Ridgeway estate. However fate strikes Shannon again when she is knocked out by a tornado. Using a different remedy than the one he used for most of those ten years, Daniel hopes his kiss will wake up his Sleeping Beauty. This contemporary Sleeping Beauty is a fun lighthearted romance due to the wonderful protagonist whose troubled adjustment to the changes in the world (including her husband’s death and how old her beloved aunts have become, and technology) makes for a delightful read. Whereas Shannon is Sleeping Beauty; Daniel is a caring Prince Charming who watched over her for most of her coma; her aunts are fairy godmothers; and her sister-in-law the villain. Readers will enjoy this sweet second chance at life tale. Harriet Klausner

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