Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Everlasting Enchantment-Kathryne Kennedy

Everlasting Enchantment Kathryne Kennedy Sourcebooks, Dec 3 2013, $7.99 ISBN 9781402269912 In 1839 the Duke of Ghoulston warns Millicent Pantere to accomplice the mission or else she will suffer though she insists she does not belong among the aristocracy attending Queen Victoria’s gala having lived her entire life in the London Underground. The were-panther’s immunity to aristocratic spells and her affinity with animals make her perfect for the Duke’s mission of stealing a magical bracelet from Lady Chatterley. Lady Chatterley gathers several ball attendees to allow the relic to choose one; which turns out to be the “country girl” Millicent. Several centuries ago Merlin trapped Knight of the Round Table Gareth Solimere inside the bracelet for sleeping with the mage’s lover. Gareth believes that only the love of the possessor will free him. He plans to seduce the current wearer Millicent. They enjoy the tryst but she trusts no one or her heart. While falling in love with Millicent, he persuades her to embrace her magic in order to do the right thing; preventing the odious duke and his minion from achieving his real scheme. The latest Relics of Merlin Victorian romantic fantasy (see Double Enchantment and Enchanting The Lady) is an exhilarating coming of age (actually social strata) historical as the student teaches her mentor what love is all about. Readers will enjoy the chivalrous cursed and his beloved shapeshifter battling evil and their hearts. Harriet Klausner

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