Friday, December 13, 2013

Carolina Gold-Dorothy Love

Carolina Gold Dorothy Love Thomas Nelson, Dec 10 2013, $15.99 ISBN: 9781401687618 In 1868 South Carolina, Charlotte Fraser returns to her ruined family owned Fairhaven with plans to produce rice there just like her late Papa did; though she thinks thankfully without the slaves he used. Charlotte lacks funds so will need a source of income to pay workers, repair the war damaged plantation and purchase equipment. She also has proof of ownership issues especially with the Yankees using the new law to claim the land. Nicholas Betancourt struggles to find documents that prove he is the legal owner of Willowood Plantation. Charlotte meets Nicholas soaked daughters (nine years old Marie-Clare and six years old Anne Louise), whose rowboat overturned. She cleans them up and feeds the ill-mannered ragamuffins before escorting them to their father. Upset with their disobedience and concerned for their safety as unchaperoned run-arounds, Nicholas hires her to tutor his children. As Charlotte falls in love with the three Betancourt’s, they return her feelings. However, Nicholas’s search for his ownership proof uncovers secrets about Charlotte’s family that devastate her dream. Inspired by nineteenth century rice farmer Elizabeth Waites Allston Pringle, Carolina Gold is a deep historical romance with the emphasis on Low Country Reconstruction during a time when deeds have vanished, thieving carpetbaggers thrives, and former slaves and slave-owners compete for employment. Character-driven by the lead “family” and containing a strong support cast, fans will relish this insightful tale that focuses on surviving the Civil War’s aftermath. Harriet Klausner

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