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Two DestiniesElizabeth Musser-

Two Destinies

Elizabeth Musser

David C. Cook, Sep 1 2012. $14.99

ISBN: 9780781405010

In 1994 French citizens Risléne Namani and Eric Hoffmann meet and fall in love. However, her Algerian family is Muslim while his American family is Christian. To see one another, she has to sneak away which makes her feel guilty. Risléne fears her father’s growing fanaticism even with him unaware of his daughter’s conversion to Christianity. Neither has told anyone about their love and desire to marry though Eric believes his sister will be supportive.

When father announces Risléne will wed a selected Muslim in the home country, Eric seeks a way to save his beloved especially fearing her father or her intended will kill her if she remains committed to Christianity as that is a transgression punishable by death in the eyes of her family. As civil war explodes in Algeria and social unrest explodes in France, Eric and Risléne have their faith in the Lord and in their love to keep them optimistic that their seemingly Two Destinies will merge into one.

Three decades after the first two Secrets of the Cross Christian thrillers (see Two Crosses and Two Testaments) and starring different protagonists with a new war in Algeria and strife in France, Two Destinies is an enjoyable tale of love and belief. The storyline is at its best when it compares the similarities and differences between the religious and cultural aspects of Islam and Christianity through a strong fully developed cast. Although there is a tendency to preach, readers will enjoy Elizabeth Musser’s return to the French Algerian connection.

Harriet Klausner

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