Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spring Fever-Mary Kay Andrews

Spring Fever

Mary Kay Andrews

St. Martin's, Jun 5 2012, $25.99

ISBN: 9780312642716

In Passcoe, North Carolina, even as a teen Annajane Hudgens loved Mason Bayless, the brother of her BFF Pokey. The Bayless family owns the Quixie Beverage Company where Annajane works. Annajane and Mason eventually wed but their marriage fizzles out though several years after their divorce she continues to work in marketing for his family firm.

Mason’s brother Davis hires consultant Celia Wakefield. Celia becomes engaged to Mason. Before she leaves for Atlanta to start over, as a gesture to her stepdaughter Sophie, Annajane attends the wedding of her ex to the ‘phony” as Pokey calls Celia. However, as Sophie walks down the aisle, she suddenly falls and shouts to her daddy it hurts. While Davis takes Celia and his mama to the country club, Mason, Poppy and Annajane accompany Sophie to the hospital. As Annajane delays leaving town because of her love of Sophie, the child and her Aunt Pokey plot to bring the divorcees back together while the other brother and the fiancé have a scheme going too.

Spring Fever is an entertaining North Carolina family drama that uses a mom and pop operation as the backdrop to an engaging regional intrigue. The storyline rotates between the present “crisis” and the married past of the protagonists as surprising secrets are revealed. Although there is a good, bad and ugly classification to the cast, fans will enjoy drinking cherry pop in Passcoe, North Carolina.

Harriet Klausner

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