Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Desire Becomes Her-Shirlee Busbee

Desire Becomes Her

Shirlee Busbee

Zebra, Jun 26 2012, $15.00

ISBN 9781420118445

He escaped Madame Guillotine thanks to Emily who married his half-brother Barnaby and her smugglers (see Rapture Becomes Her). So when Emily’s obnoxious cousin Jeffery Townsend begins fleecing an intoxicated Harlan Broadfoot, Lucian Joslyn decides to intercede on the foolish lad’s behalf. Unable to resist the challenge of beating “Lucifer” as Luc is known in gambling holes, Jeffery accepts a game of hazard. He wins back the boy’s losses and takes him home without telling anyone who actually won the game.

Luc comes across a broken phaeton with injured Silas Ordway stranded there. He helps get the elderly man to safety. A few days late, Luc visits Silas to see how he is doing. There he meets Silas’ niece Widow Gillian Dashwood, who allegedly killed her gambling odious husband. Also at Silas’ home are Gillian’s brother Stanley and his friend Lord George Canfield who blackmails Gillian. As Luc and Gillian fall in love, they are forced to marry when caught in a compromising position, but he knows she conceals something from him that he fears could cost her life at a time when Emily and Barnaby need his help against angry avenging smugglers.

The latest “Becomes Her” historical romance (see Passion Becomes Her) is an engaging late eighteenth century tale due to a strong support cast including returnees and the mutual dichotomous distrust and attraction between the protagonists. The storyline is action-packed as the two subplots come together nicely though the romance between the lead couple follows too closely a traditional “path” even with the freshness brought by their interfering families including some nasty ones. Fans will enjoy the tale of the gambler and the Widow falling in love before learning to trust.

Harriet Klausner

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