Monday, October 10, 2011

Promise Me Forever-Diane Amos

Promise Me Forever

Diane Amos

Five Star, Nov 16 2011, $25.95

ISBN 9781432825430

In 1898, Benjamin Ricker worries he will soon lose his ranch though he worked twelve hours a day herding cattle and half a night at the Gold Nugget Mine. He stops at the Golden Harp Saloon where he sees a nun. Sister Elizabeth came to Welcome, Montana based on a satirical article written by Ben.

Elizabeth is upset as she thought this would be her escape from her abusive stepfather Robert T. Hines. Contrite Ben hires her as a cook after he agrees she can keep everything in the wagon in her room. This includes to Ben’s chagrin nine year old Cecilia and six year old Joshua, as well as Bernie the eighty pound basset hound that he is unaware he now resides in his home.

His Granny Ricker wants the easterner to go home. While Elizabeth proves incompetent as a cook, someone tears down his fences and spooks his longhorns, which forces him to take out an exorbitant loan from his nemesis banker Ward Metcalf. As Ben and Elizabeth fall in love; he adores her siblings and even the canine while she cherishes Granny and his special needs ward Clyde. However, she remains in her Sister identity to keep her younger siblings safe. When he fails to pay back the bank, Ben sees a wanted poster for Elizabeth O’Hara who kidnapped two children. He must decide between keeping the ranch or having Elizabeth.

This is an engaging Western romance starring a fully developed cast who bring to life Big Sky country at the end of the nineteenth century. Fast-paced with key suspense enhancing the prime romantic plot, readers will enjoy Diane Amos’s entertaining tale even if the course of true love follows the anticipated straight path.

Harriet Klausner

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