Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Prince of Ravenscar-Catherine Coulter

The Prince of Ravenscar

Catherine Coulter

Putnam. Nov 1 2011, $19.95

ISBN: 9780399158070

In 1831 Lord Julian Monroe returns to Ravenscar, England after three years away. He left the country after he found his wife Lily dead from a bullet wound. His former brother-in-law Richard Langworth holds him culpable for his sister’s death and plans to enact revenge on Julian.

His mother Lady Corrine, ecstatic that her son has finally come home, wants her son to remarry, but he has no interest in a second wife. Her choice is Miss Sophie Wilkie, niece of her friend Miss Roxanne Radcliffe. Reluctantly he agrees to escort Miss Sophie while his nephew Lord Devlin the self-anointed vampire finds himself attracted to Miss Roxanne. As the pair of couples falls in love on the road from London to Ravenscar; Richard dangerously raises the past leading to Julian learning why he is called the Prince of Ravenscar.

This is an amusing historical romantic suspense starring four strong independent characters. The course to true love is straighter than the Bonneville Salt Flats as there are no twists of consequence, yet the protagonists and the antagonist make for a fun journey. Filled with tension and jocularity especially the witty exchanges between the aunt and the nephew, readers will enjoy the couples on the road and at Ravenscar in Catherine Coulter’s family affair.

Harriet Klausner

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