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Marco: Book 3 of the Books of Insanity-KT Pinto

Marco: Book 3 of the Books of Insanity

KT Pinto

By Light Unseen Media, Sep 1 2011, $10.00

ISBN: 9781935303237

The Unseelie Fae Queen allows Celeste the vampyress and her companion Vanity the werecat to live. However, the Fae Queen gives them no choice where she dumps them. Knights loyal to Cai of Britannia capture the pair. Cai calls Celeste his sister Morgan and has Vanity locked away in his dungeon. Celeste knows Cai as the renowned Roman General and vampire Marco.

He explains why he changed his name and what he is plotting. He introduces her to Arturus who Marco believes will make a good king of Britannia, but wants to make him a legend. She agrees to assist him with creating the legend of chivalrous King Arthur and his knights. As she develops a money source of prostitutes, Celeste begins the scheme of turning an honorable warrior into a legend starting with the Lady of the Lake and the Sword in the Stone. With assistance from another vampyre Lucifer, eventually released Vanity, and a surprising third heavenly source, High King Arthur of Britannia will live forever.

The third "Books of Insanity" (see Celeste and Vanity) is an intriguing refreshing look at the development of the Arthurian mythos. Although on the surface Celeste’s history (and that of Vanity) will remind readers of Chelsea Quinn Yarbo’s Count Saint Germain; they are polar opposites when it comes to morality; as she has no qualms about drinking the pure blood of a three year old though even though the toddler will die and she has other choices. Celeste is a fascinating evil protagonist whose actions keep the story line focused as she and her comrades create a legend.

Harriet Klausner

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