Thursday, September 22, 2011

Heart of Steel-Meljean Brook

Heart of Steel

Meljean Brook

Berkley, Nov 1 2011, $15.00

ISBN: 9780425243305

Mercenary Lady Corsair airship Captain Yasmeen leads her crew to Fladstrand, Denmark. Their arrival frightens much of the townsfolk as the lady Corsair has a merciless reputation. She is here to meet with author Zenobia Fox to inform her she killed her brother treasure hunter Archimedes Fox by dumping him into a Venice canal amidst zombies for his concealing who his late sire was. Having killed his father before him, she has no qualms of number three, especially since the woman is an imposter whose associate wants the da Vinci sketch of an air ship that Yasmeen took from Zenobia. Yasmeen kills the associate. They make a deal on the sketch and on the author writing Yasmeen adventures.

Archimedes survives his dunking. He is resolute as he hunts down the lady Corsair with two obsessions in mind. First he wants his sketch back and second he wants to court the woman who killed his father and almost killed him as he understands why she tossed him off her vessel but into a canal instead of rock. When he catches up to her, he persuades her not to kill him. They soon trek into enemy territory, the Horde-occupied Morocco.

The latest Iron Seas steampunk thriller (see The Iron Duke) is a great tale starring two fascinating protagonists in what may be the strangest courtship in years. The story line is filled with action as the Heart of Steel and the roguish treasure hunter make for an endearing couple. Fans who relish something different in their novels will want to read Meljean Brooks’ Yasmeen and Zenobia's excellent adventure.

Harriet Klausner

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