Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sirensong-Jenna Black

Jenna Black
St. Martin’s Griffin, Jul 5 2011, $9.99
ISBN: 9780312575953

Seelie Court devious Prince Henry arrives in the city between realms of Avalon to extend an invitation to Faeriewalker Dana from Queen Titania to her royal court. Dana consults with her father who agrees with her assessment that the Fae monarch wants her dead as no ruler trusts the half-human who is the only known Faeriewalker. Though Dana would prefer to decline, she and her dad know she has no choice but to go to the Seelie Court where he was Titania’s lover displacing Henry’s sire.

Accompanied by her dad, Keane, Kimber and Ethan as well as a royal escort on the short trek from Avalon to the Seelie Court affirms her fears as there are several assassination attempts. Finn and the Erlking along with her friends protect Dana, but she deploys her powers to keep her allies and herself safe. Upon arrival at the Seelie Court, a bomb explodes when Tatiana’s granddaughter Princes Elaine touches her throne. As the Princess lies on the floor probably dead, Dana’s dad rushes her from the court before she is executed. The Faeriewalker struggles to survive as a stranger on a strange world.

The third Faeriewalker teen fantasy (see Shadowspell and Glimmerglass) continues the coming of age adventures of the hybrid who begins to understand passivity is no longer an option as that denotes death for her and others, but has other lessons to learn about yielding power. The determined young heroine still has trust issues though she has tries to connect with her alcoholic mom and her fae father. Although the romantic subplots feel out of place, readers will appreciate the exhilarating escapades of the Faeriewalker as she knows she is not in Kansas.

Harriet Klausner

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