Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Bull Rider’s Secret-Marin Thomas

The Bull Rider’s Secret
Marin Thomas
Harlequin American, Jul 5 2011, $5.25
ISBN: 9780373753680

Brody Murphy rides into Bandera, Texas as part of his escaping the tragedy of his past as a cowhand in Montana. Since his five year old girl Angel died two years ago, he roams from town to town as a wanderer who is stinky at his vocation, bull riding. He decides to enter the Hog Explosion but needs a partner for the hog-catching contest; so Brody enlists thirteen year old Ricky Sovo though neither has any experience. They succeed though the teen gets a split lip when they collide.

As they wait to learn if they are the solo winners Ricky tells Brody his single mom Katarina is a farrier and he rarely sees his dad Dwayne. After splitting their share of the winnings, Brody gives Ricky a ride to the Wild Rose Ranch where his mom is in charge of the wild horses. Unable to stay out of a dispute she was having with two cowhands (Roger and Clyde), Brody intercedes. They leave threatening Kat and Brody. She persuades him to stay and help her, but as they fall in love he wonders how long before he wanders

Brody is a refreshing individual who knows he stinks at bull riding but as Kat tells him how good does not matter as he on a suicide mission since he blames his Angel’s death on his selfishness. Kat has issues as single mom who had her child as a teen and Ricky has emotional problems with knowing his dad rejected him. These three forge a family if Brody can end his rolling stone death wish.

Harriet Klausner

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