Thursday, December 23, 2010

To Tempt A Rake-Cara Elliott

To Tempt A Rake
Cara Elliott
Forever, Feb 1 2011, $7.99
ISBN: 9780446541305

Having sailed around the world for her vocation, American botanist Katharine Woodbridge travels to England to end her estrangement from her grandfather, the staid Duke of Cluyne. Kate’s biggest fear upon arrival amongst the shocked Ton (re her behavior) is not with reconciliation with her relative, but from the Italian Conte of Como, Marco Ghiradelli, who might expose her.

Marco enjoys baiting Katharine as they have witty word wars. However, he cannot understand why he thinks he knows her though he cannot fathom from where or when. His work disallows what he wants to do, make love with the frisky intelligent American. All bets are off when someone frames Kate for murder and an assassin threatens the Vienna peace conference. As Marco works both with Kate at his side, a traitor sets in motion a deadly counter plan.

The third Circle of Sin thriller (see To Surrender to a Rogue and To Sin with a Stranger) is an exhilarating historical romance starring a serious scholarly scientist and a seemingly worthless wastrel. Their pairing make for a fast-paced tale especially when the local switches to Vienna on the eve of a historical conference. Although the traitor seems inept except for hiding behind a veneer of aristocratic polish, readers will enjoy dancing at this waltz.

Harriet Klausner

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Unknown said...

The story here is full of potentials that go underdeveloped enslaved by the author's desire to drive an idea home, that Kate is misunderstood and Marco is mistrusted, in my opinion. The conversations between them are cute at first but are over played overall. Kate is not convincing with the direction she pretends her life should go. Marco is not intriguing. The cliche's are endless which make this read quite boring.