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Love Is Blind...And It Don’t Pay the Bills Either-Karen Wiesner

Love Is Blind...And It Don’t Pay the Bills Either
Karen Wiesner
Whiskey Creek Press, Jan 2011, $18.95
ISBN: 9781611600018

Briar's Point Police Department Detective Orlando Bateman has not moved passed private investigator Sylvia Price’s rejection of his proposal as she said he is her brother in Christ. Instead she married his rival for her affection private investigator Den McHart. Still he knows his belief in the Lord will help him though he also prays he did not destroy their friendship that began when she was a cop on the force too; yet he has not answered the wedding invitation.

Den accompanies Keeya Nilson and Blair Sayer to the station to talk with Orlando and his partner Ty Shaw. The unpublished works of Keeya’s famous Blues grandfather Old denim Blues has gone missing as has $1200 withdrawn from an ATM. Additionally Keeya’s boyfriend Lance Smith vanished two weeks ago. Orlando sends Ty off on his fishing weekend. Thirteen years ago the two females survived a plane crash that killed her parents and Blair’s dad; and left both women disfigured and Keeya visually impaired; her recently deceased granddad, her Uncle Pax and Blair were there for her. However she distrusts God and males except for her family, as each beau has used her.

This is a super romantic Christian police procedural starring two people who if they can let go of recent relationship hurts can have a wonderful future together. Orlando is shocked by his attraction to Keeya as he ponders how the Lord works in mysterious ways. Keeya is more complicated as she feels fickle that she is attracted to the police detective, but has only Blair to remind her of men she liked who let her down; in Keeya’s mind this includes God. With a delightful late twist, readers will appreciate the second Denim Blues Mystery (see Retired and on the Rocks).

Harriet Klausner

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