Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wolf’s Cross-S.A. Swann

Wolf’s Cross
S.A. Swann
Spectra, Jul 27 2010, $15.00
ISBN 9780553807394

In Anno Domini 1353 in Nurnberg, Prussia Brother Josef and other Wolfjäger Teutonic warrior monks are stunned by the horrific massacre though they have seen plenty of hellish gore. The evidence is overwhelming that a werewolf caused the gruesome scene though the locals have blamed the Jews for their plight and blight; and burned them out of fear. However, the real monster attacks the Teutonic Knights with a vengeance. Although severely injured, Josef the knight probationer fires a silver coded arrow into the eye of the beast; the creature flees howling.

A servant Maria tends to the wounds of the severely hurt Josef. He is attracted to his healer and her to him; but she also has feelings for the stranger Darien, who has a scar on one of his eyes. Darien desires her too and explains to his Maria that like him she is wolfbreed too; only the silver crucifix her father placed on her prevents her from changing into a berserker.

Although the story line is a typical paranormal triangle, the time and place (same period and general location as Wolfbreed) makes for a terrific medieval historical romantic fantasy. Filled with plenty of action from the opening assault, the strong cast makes for a powerfully gripping saga as readers will wonder which enemy combatant the “commoner” Maria will choose as her soulmate, the knight or the wolf.

Harriet Klausner

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