Sunday, June 20, 2010

Deceptions-Marilyn J. Clay

Marilyn J. Clay
Five Stars, Jul 15 2010, $25.95
ISBN: 9781594148781

When Catherine Fielding was twelve, her mom died; she was sent to London to live with her guardians, Lord and Lady Montcrief as her dad was in the New World. Six years later, having failed to ever please her guardians, Catherine dreams of joining her father, brother and Noah in the New World wilderness. However, her need to escape from the Montcrief household becomes critical when her guardian “sells” her in marriage to Mr. Windmere who is older than her father in order to pay off his debts and insure the best dowry for their sixteen years old daughter Lucinda. Catherine manages to escape to The White Swann Inn where Princess Pocahontas, her spouse John Rolfe, and her retinue are staying to take her to the New World. Pocahontas offers her a home if her male relatives are not there, but Catherine soon learns her new friend is dead.

She sails on the Inverness to the Virginia Colony of Jamestown where her brother Adam and his wife welcome them. However, she is stunned to learn her beloved Noah has married someone else. Sadly, Catherine begins to make a life for herself, but when she has a second chance with Noah, he tells her he cannot marry her if he is to remain working on the Benson Plantation

Although there is a romantic subplot, Deceptions is a strong historical tale that brings to life the Virginia Colony mostly through the eyes of the intrepid obstinate heroine. The story line contains some action, but the prime focus is how the first English colonists struggle to survive in Jamestown. Readers will relish this in depth look at Jamestown circa 1617-1619.

Harriet Klausner

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