Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thicker Than Blood-C.J. Darlington

Thicker Than Blood
C.J. Darlington
Tyndale, Jan 1 2010, $12.99
ISBN: 9781414334486

Fifteen years ago when their parents died, sisters May and Christy Williams reacted totally different though they shared in common deep grief for their loss. May became a rancher while Christy turned self destructive with alcohol and nasty relationships with a series of losers.

However, thirty-three years old Christy is now cleaning up her act working extremely hard at Dawson’s Book Barn in Longmont as a rare book buyer. In spite of her efforts, her past indiscretions haunt her especially getting caught in a DUI on her recent birthday so when stolen valuable first editions including a Hemingway are found in her home, she is the only suspect for the thefts. Needing time to prove her innocence and having a desire to see May, who she failed years ago, Christy heads to Triple Cross Ranch unaware that her recent past will follow her there.

Although by the book (no pun intended towards Dawson's), this is a fascinating second chance for two estranged sisters who failed each other when each needed the other to reach out of the darkness of death. May found solace in God while Christi found hers in alcohol. Fans will enjoy this inspirational tale of the two siblings although the felonious subplot seems too obvious of a solution. Still Thicker than Blood is a deep tale of love between sisters and God.

Harriet Klausner

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