Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Promise Me Tonight-Sara Lindsey

Promise Me Tonight
Sara Lindsey
Signet, Feb 2010, $6.99
ISBN 9780451229373

In 1784, the oldest of five sisters six years old Isabella Weston wrote a letter to her dear mama telling her she will marry her older brother Henry's best friend, James Sheffield. Years later, she still knew he was the one for her. With her coming out in 1797, Izzie plans to claim James as hers.

James was raised by an ice cold grandfather after his parents died when he was ten. He learned from the nasty old man that he was unworthy of love. Izzie begins her seduction scheme with a dress that will make him desire her. She follows with a kiss that leaves him senseless. Izzie knows James wants her and believes he loves her, but he rejects the concept that someone could love him. With her six siblings at her side, the magnificent seven mount a campaign to prove to James he belongs first to Izzie and second to all of them.

Although somewhat straightforward of a plot, Georgian romance readers will fully appreciate the first Weston sibling tale due to a strong lead couple and a fully developed support cast; especially her sisters. Obstinate Izzie knows who she wants and plans to make him hers. James is the more fascinating character as he believes strongly no one could ever love him, but General Izzie and her sisters mount a campaign to prove his assertion false. Promise Me Tonight (and forever) is a wonderful opening act with homage to the Bard.

Harriet Klausner

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