Saturday, October 24, 2009

Instinctive-Cathryn Fox

Cathryn Fox
NAL Heat, Oct 2009, $14.00
ISBN: 9780451227942

Jaclyn Vasenty knows in thirty five hours her true inner self will be dead. She no longer run the wild side of life having sex with Brian and Kane who make her want to forget the obligation she owes her adopted parents Ben and Marie Vasenty who rescued her from Chicago transit and foster care. She would do anything for the her parents so if she is to become head of her family’s company Vasenty Cosmetics as they want, she must change her image from bad girl to corporate exec starting by saving one of the failing stores in aptly named Serene, New Hampshire,.

However, her thought of boring serene rustication proves false when night falls on the gated community. The wild come out in the dark as all types of paranormal walk the streets. However, Jaclyn can indulge her Instinctive wild side impulse with shapeshifting panther Slyck as he takes her on runs to a nirvana she never tasted before. As her libido goes stratospheric with the troposphere next, the paranormals are having intra species issues and Kane arrives to claim her.

This erotic romantic fantasy heats up New Hampshire with a variety of sexual trysts including the incredible sexcapades between the panther and his “Impulsive” feral female, a ménage a trois and FF. However, the key to the torrid tale is the belief that the variety of paranormal species exists because the in-fighting seems genuine mirroring real life. Still it is the torrid sex scenes that will arouse sub-genre fans to want more Eternal Pleasure in the erotic realm of the Fox.

Harriet Klausner

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