Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fallen Angel-Margaret Weis and Lizz Weis

Fallen Angel
Margaret Weis and Lizz Weis
Avon, Nov 2008, $6.99
ISBN 9780060833336

He was a martyr when he was burned at the stake. However Matthew Gallow devout Christian in life fell from grace in death. He was sent back to earth as a human.

In his second reincarnation, Matthew is a drunken con artist. He makes money to pay for his alcohol as a charlatan shamming clients by performing phony exorcisms. However something goes wrong when he actually succeeds in casting out a demon from a teenager. He becomes famous with everyone wanting him. Music Manager Natalia Ashley hires Matthew to perform when her superstar Cain performs his mega hit “Possession”. The money is too good to say no. However, neither the manager nor the FALLEN ANGEL knows that Cain signed another contract with Satan; in exchange for fame and fortune, he will convert his fans into the devil’s army.

The second angelic collaboration (see WARRIOR ANGELS) from mother-daughter Weis is a terific and spellbinding character driven paranormal possession thriller. The Faustian story line is exciting, but the strong cast makes it a fun tale and not just the tormented title star. On Matthew’s team besides Nat is an archangel who must have worked the borscht belt-burlesque circuit with deprecating gallows humor the shtick, a doormouse who must have come from Alice’s Wonderland, and grandfather Woof the Dead-head ghost; on the other “Faust” side is Satan, Cain, and their fans. The team Weis fans will enjoy this superb supernatural.

Harriet Klausner

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