Monday, April 28, 2008

Leave No Stone Unturned-Jeanne Glidewell

Leave No Stone Unturned
Jeanne Glidewell
Five Star, May 2008, $25.95
ISBN: 9781594146497

In Shawnee, Kansas, forty-eight year old volunteer librarian assistant widow Lexie Starr is helping a teenage use microfiche to find the winner of the 2001 Boston marathon when she notices an article on the late wife of police academy student Clayton Pitt. She realizes that Clayton is most likely her son-in-law whom she dislikes and whose first spouse Eliza was pregnant when she was murdered in DeKalb, New York.

While seeking replacement charms from a bracelet her daughter Wendy lost, Lexie comes into contact with Carolina jeweler Stone Van Patten. Using him as an alibi to divert Wendy, she heads to Schenectady, where Clayton lived to learn if he could be a spouse killer and whether her pregnant daughter is in jeopardy from him.

Although she knows she is over the top, Lexie LEAVES NO STONE UNTURNED as she goes the extra 1250 plus miles to insure the safety of her beloved daughter to learn whether her son-in-law killed his first wife. The support cast in Upstate New York adds eccentric color especially at the Camelot B&B where foul mouthed Sinbad the parrot and Harriet Sparks rule the roost. Detective Glick finds her amusing and irritation while Stone, whom she never met, joins her in New York. With a fine but improbable whodunit combined with a middle age romance, Jeanne Glidewell writes an engaging amateur sleuth.

Harriet Klausner

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