Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Danger's Kiss-Sarah McKerrigan

Danger's Kiss
Sarah McKerrigan
Forever, May 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 044661887X

In 1250 the Kent shire-reeve Nicholas Grimshaw enforces the law but also insures justice occurs even for prisoners facing the gallows. He oversees the executions of criminals, but insures no one suffers needlessly.

When a convicted killer Hubert Kabyn asks Nicholas to become guardian to his ward his grandchild Desiree; he wants to say no, but agrees so the man can meet his maker with one less concern. Professionally tutored thief Desiree is stunned that the law enforcer has been named her guardian, but if she can persuade him to help her she might learn who framed her teacher for murder. Nicholas is shocked by his attraction to his ward, but more stunned that his finicky feline loves her from the first time they meet each other. A con who uses her lure to trick men into doing her bidding, Desiree finds she feels different towards the enforcer; as the use of her allure to entice him would be degrading her desire. As she turns honest and he a bit con, someone wants her dead. Nicholas will do what it takes even break the law to keep his beloved safe.

DANGER’S KISS is an exciting medical romantic suspense starring two opposites in love. Whereas she is all con artist and he is all law enforcer, their romance makes for strange bedfellows yet each realistically compromises their “values” for the other. Fans will appreciate Sarah McKerrigan's fine thirteenth century tale as Desiree takes over Nicholas’ home, cat, and heart.

Harriet Klausner

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