Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pretzel on Prozac: The Story of an Immigrant Dog

Pretzel on Prozac: The Story of an Immigrant Dog
Ellen Palestrant
Elusive Press, 2007, $12.95, 124pp.
ISBN: 9781587368417

Ellen Palestrant accompanied by her two dogs Pretzel and Bailey moved from South Africa to the United States. Whereas Bailey adapts to the long trek and shows no neuroses upon moving into his new home, Pretzel struggles with the journey and turns psychotic once he is in the United States. Everything disturbs Pretzel from noise to nearby people. He becomes depressed not wanting to do anything or eat and is anxious as every change in routine upsets him. Ms. Palestrant, worried about her beloved pet, turns to the vet for help. Thus PRETZEL’S ON PROZAC to help him psychologically with his mental issues. This helps normalize the canine and he remains normal even when he finally is withdrawn from Prozac.

This is well written often amusing “dogography” that canine lovers will fully appreciate. Although overall jocular, it is the deep look into a pet struggling with adjusting to new environs that makes PRETZEL ON PROZAC: THE STORY OF AN IMMIGRANT DOG worth reading, as animals have their neurosis too.

Harriet Klausner

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