Monday, March 31, 2008

Divorcing Dwayne-J.L. Miles

Divorcing Dwayne
J.L. Miles
Cumberland House, Apr 2008, $14.95
ISBN: 9781581826500

Francine Harper muses how she met Dwayne at a pig-pull and married him once but divorced him twice as she relaxes in the Hall County, Georgia jail. She was arrested for killing their bed given to them by her daddy. Actually she was jailed for trying to shoot Dwayne and Carla the Peel ‘n Squeal stripper, who were fiddling around in her bed, but her three shots missed them and murdered the bed instead.

Francine thinks nothing of her murdering the bed as little disturbs her since an alligator crashed her wedding except the love of her life cheating on her. However the county’s District Attorney Warren Wilson plans to use criminal prosecutions of dangerous felons like Francine to get elected as the next governor. However, not one to sit idly by and be used by a political a-hole, Francine and her best friend Ray Anne Pickles conducts their own inquiries into the town of Pickville Springs, the Greenwich Village of North Georgia; that is in between her courtroom trial.

This amusing regional tale is a fun “grit-lit” story (per J.L. Miles) that readers will appreciate. Francine and Ray Anne go from the frying pan into the fire with each inquiry they make. The heroine’s asides provide the audience a deep humorous look at Northern Georgia as her insight is fun to follow especially when Hollywood invades Pickville Springs. Zany and over the top of the still recognized southern end of the Appalachia trail that actually extends into Alabama, fans will enjoy the antics of Francine as she is DIVORCING DWAYNE again.

Harriet Klausner

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