Saturday, January 26, 2008

Compromised-Kate Noble

Kate Noble
Berkley, Mar 2008, $14.00
ISBN 9780425219645

In 1829 the Alton sisters return to London for their delayed debut season after spending several years abroad with their father Sir Geoffrey, an ambassador. The siblings see the upcoming galas differently though they agree that their new stepmother Romilla is a pompous flit. Beautiful Evangeline looks forward to the balls while way too tall and intelligent Gail fears she will be ridiculed.

Needing time by herself, Gail sneaks out for an early morning ride. However instead of serenity, Viscount Fontaine accidentally knocks her into the lake when he fails to reign in his horse. To her shock and outrage, Maximilian blames Gail for her soaking. Later she catches this arrogant rogue kissing and COMPROMISING Evangeline, whom he apparently feels will meet his father’s criteria of a wife. If he doesn’t marry someone his father approves of he will be or disinherited in three months. However, Max has one problem; the amusingly brilliant future sister-in-law is all he can think of making love to even when he steals a kiss with her sister.

COMPROMISED is an amusing historical romance with Romilla stealing the show from the onset as she explains to her dolt of a stepdaughter that in London people spy on their neighbors. The humorous story line is fast-paced from the early morning teas to the gossiping Ton to the final scandal of the month. Readers will appreciate this lighthearted late regency romp.

Harriet Klausner

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