Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Atomic Lobster-Tim Dorsey

Atomic Lobster
Tim Dorsey
Morrow, Feb 2008, $24.95
ISBN: 9780060829698

The man slapped six foot stripper Rachel so Serge A. Storms decides to give him a first hand lesson at the Serge charm school. He and Coleman hold the guy by his ankles off an overpass just to scare him. However, an angry Rachel arrives, elbows Serge in the chest and bites Coleman. They drop the man who vanishes. Serge and Coleman agree it is time to hit the road especially since the latter hopes to create the biggest bong ever.

Others also are touring Florida. The quickest to the draw of the mean McGraws, killer Tex is out of prison with plans to murder those who sent him up river. The G-Unit (dubbed the E-Team by the media) nonagenarian investors seek sex on a cruise; Serge learns not to be in there way when they drive as they purposely pretend confusion while playing pinball with pedestrians. Finally the government seems to be hiding some mysterious murders. The convergence of all these divergent people turns out to be Jim and Martha Davenport, who just wants some excitement in their lives.

This is the usual over the top satire that atomizes just about everyone even a lobster. Serge is at his best starting with his woops while Coleman meeting up with pal Lenny plan on a Guinness Book size bong. However, between Amazonian Rachel, the government, bad Tim McGraw and the “Granny” brigade, Serge and Coleman understand the biggest threat to their Florida road show is these dangerous ninety years olds. Tim Dorsey provides his typical insane zaniness that leaves no one standing except ninety-one years old Edith Grabowski who had sex twice without oxygen and is ready to take on Tim, Rachel, Serge and Coleman in a no holds barred Florida death match.

Harriet Klausner

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