Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wicked-Sasha White

Sasha White
Berkley, Jan 2008, $15.00
ISBN: 9780425219188

Divorce attorney Karl Dawson notices the shapely butt underneath the desk of his office assistant Graham Nelson. Graham explains to his boss that the divorce business is booming so he asked his friend Lara Fox to install a wireless so that they can connect to the internet using their laptops anywhere in the building. Already attracted when Lara gets out from underneath the desk, Karl’s mouth waters and her nipples hardened, but he doubts she is worth the trouble to teach her who is dominant; she sees he is a SEXY DEVIL, but not worth more than one night with her on top.

Their desire remains high, but Karl is a popular Dominant who frequents the Dungeon BDSM scene and Lara used to being on her own since she was fifteen hates not being in charge of at least herself. Karl sees inside her soul and believes hiding behind the fa├žade of defiance is a submissive who has been forced to wear a controlling hide to survive. As they fall in love, she insists it must be lust as the former does not exist in any form.

Sasha White provides a WICKED erotic romance starring two likable protagonists who believe love and marriage are societal farces. The metamorphous of Lara from tough independent street brawler to submissive is done with tenderness and caring, which makes her transformation seen genuine. The return of players from BOUND and TROUBLE add depth to this contemporary by showcasing the BDSM lifestyle can include commitment. Sub-genre fans will enjoy Sasha White’s latest heater.

Harriet Klausner

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