Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tumbling Through Time-Gwyn Cready

Tumbling Through Time
Gwyn Cready
Pocket, Feb 2008, $6.99
ISBN 9781416541158

While at the Pittsburgh International Airport on a business trip with Tom Fraser awaiting a flight, “look before you leap” business executive Persephone “Caution” Pyle tries on a pair of shoes at Nine West. The next thing Seph as she is called knows is that she is not in Pennsylvania or even the twenty-first century. Somehow she has leaped without looking to a ship Neuf Ouest on the Adriatic during a hurricane; the year is 1706.

The vessel is captained by Philip Drummond, a privateer who could be the twin of Tom, who she is attracted to. However, more confusing is that Philip happens to be the male lead of a romance novel she has considered writing. Drummond offers to take her to Venice if she assists him in locating documents that could impact the English navy and she writes his destiny with a positive conclusion as he does not want to be left hanging. As she falls in love with her host, Seph returns to her present so that she can aid Philip by obtaining the help of Tom, who she also loves.

TUMBLING THROUGH TIME is a fabulous whimsical time traveling romance starring a wonderful protagonist. Seph the cautious one is terrific as she inadvertently leaps from office life where romances are disdained into a buccaneer adventure where a romance is encouraged. Fans who appreciate a clever different type of tale in which a modern day white collar woman wannabe writer lands on an early eighteenth century buccaneer vessel will appreciate this fast-paced charmer as she controls his destiny.

Harriet Klausner

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