Friday, March 13, 2015

Angels At The Gate - T.K. Thorne

Angels At The Gate
T.K. Thorne
Cappuccino Books Publishing, Mar 5 2015, $22.50
ISBN: 9783906196022

In 1748 BCE, Zakiti the merchant raises his fifteen summers old daughter Akira as a boy.  Akira loves the freedom a male has; which a female can only envy.  After meeting two strangers (Mika and Raph) that the tribe believes are God’s messengers, Akira finds she is attracted to one of them; an emotion that confuses her.  Meanwhile her fretting father regrets he failed to ask his sister-in-law Sarai to raise his teenage daughter as a female instead of giving her a male’s run of the caravan he leads; especially knowing what will happen to her if she is found out.  Reluctantly he informs Akira she must claim her birthright as a woman.  Stunned Akira prefers the independence of a boy; as she knows her freedom ends once she comes out of male garb.  With Nami the dog protecting her, Akira begins a journey of self-discovery that leads her to tribal patriarch Abram’s nephew Lot in Sodom.

Filled with a remarkable interwoven detailed look into the culture of Abram’s tribe and life in a trade caravan, the second mysterious woman of the bible dramatization (see Noah’s Wife) provides a fascinating look at who Lot’s wife was before she turned into the Pillar of Salt.  The key to this entertaining biblical novelization is T.K. Thorne provides a plausible background that explains why Lot's wife would disobey the angelic warning not to look back.

Harriet Klausner

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