Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lincoln’s Wizard - Tracy Hickman & Dan Willis

Lincoln’s Wizard
Tracy Hickman & Dan Willis
WordFire Press, Oct 1 2015, $14.99
ISBN: 9781614753377

The Confederacy continues to win each battle due to its ability to reanimate fallen comrades and a special unit of Southern Knights riding dragons like intrepid and very confident Lieutenant Marcus Burnside.  This Gray army cannot be stopped as it marches north; forcing Lincoln and the Union leaders to relocate to New York.

Lieutenant Braxton Wright designs an iron clad ship the Monitor that stealthily navigates waterways while also rises on a tripod to fire down on the slower enemy vessels.  These Tall Guns bring hope to the despondent President and the Northern Army, and make Wright a hero he knows he does not deserve.  With no time to grieve the death that he caused of his best friend Dr. Lawrence Hancock in Ohio, Wright promoted to captain, receives orders from Union Intelligence Chief Allan Pinkerton.  With a chosen few including top espionage agent Hattie Lawton, the mission of the very reluctant warrior is to lead a top secret desperate gamut behind enemy lines to end the Dead Gray Army. 

The first Dragons of the Confederacy steampunk is a fast-paced Civil War fantasy that starts at hyperspeed and accelerates without ever slowing down; yet also contains a diverse and three-dimensional prime cast.  The wizard (Warlock) in Spite of Himself (by Christopher Stasheff) prefers pencil, eraser and paper to battles; Hattie appears to have quite a history and is very comfortable behind enemy lines; Hancock remains an enigma; while cocky Southern Knight Lieutenant Marcus Burnside is a swashbuckling dragon rider.

Harriet Klausner

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